Florinela Bocsa


 The ethos of my work is simplistic in nature. For I have always been fascinated by clothes and Fashion and have always wanted to capture the salient elements, both new and old, that have been at the forefront of driving the ever-changing genre’s that dictate the industry. I have used the medium of women to represent this, as can be seen by my use in the Portraiture of women upon canvas. In learning my craft, I have experimented with many different forms of art in trying to work out what I ultimately wanted to achieve in conveying the imagery and message which I wanted to convey, both to myself and ultimately, my audience. From experimenting with live music performances (I play the guitar and have played in many bands), to body painting, photography, fashion cat walks and painting exhibitions, these experiences have ultimately developed me as an artist and allowed me to understand what I have wanted to achieve through my art, both visually and philosophically. I feel this has now reached its zenith, all of the best elements from these experiences fusing together to produce an artistic property I can be finally proud of. This is manifested in my new Oil on Canvas Collection named ‘Fashionista’. These series of paintings have presented challenges, for I have wanted to encapsulate different fashion elements within the pieces. Through the use of fabrics, textiles, feathers, rhinestones ( including original Swarovski) pearls and jewels on painted canvas, I have ultimately been able to achieve the visual I have been able to construct through my personal artistic evolution. Working on rotation, I am using time constructively and am able to allow the drying process to naturally preserve my paintings. The collection is therefore two years in the making, In which I have also become a mother, and have been fortunate enough to represent my daughter upon large canvas also, symbolising the qualities of purity,peace,simplicity ,innoce