Florinela Bocsa


Future exhibition on May 2020 Artwalk Wakefield event-Personal Exhibition including the fully Fashionista oil on canvas collection .The exhibition has been cancelled due to Coronavirus

2019 August 3-Wakefield Open Studio Event- Index Festival-As Independent Studio Walk in ,Wakefield UK

17 September 2016 Fashion Modeling with Photograph Leo Top , 7 Sisters Open Studios event London UK

26 May 2016 Street Art performance Modeling with photograph Luke Reeve Shoreditch London UK

25 March 2016 Body Painting live performance London photography Sarah Di Minni

15 January 2014 commissioned art work exhibition at Little Italy Carrer del Rec 30 Barcelona Spain

29 August 2013-Interior Design, Wall Painting.Commissioned art work.Nuba club Carrer del Fleming 12 Barcelona Spain

16 July 2013-Live performance electronic ambient with Sutra Amithaba at Club 68 Barcelona Spain

3 May 2013- Street Art performance:Body Painting theme: Half women half couture& lingerie-The Gothic Quarter Barcelona Spain

9 September 2012-Live performance with ‘ Fermez La Bouche’ alternative. At C Aribau 242 Barcelona Spain

21 of April 2012-Personal oil on canvas exhibition ‘Portraiture’ and fashion performance at Napulena espacio creativo C.Banys Vells 3 Barcelona Spain

1 December 2012-‘99 y medio Artistas’ collective exhibition and live music unplugged performance-Galeria Maxo-Portal Nou 29.08003 Barcelona Spain

27 of November 2011-Wolfest Festival winner-Live performance with Bladepith.Progressive art. Sala Razmataz 2 Barcelona Spain