Florinela Bocsa





She finds oil colours, canvas and brushes as the most powerful tools for conveying her deepest artistic expressions and philosophies. For her, colours on canvas have always been the best alternative for self exploration and the best means of artistic creation. For her, technical skills honed over centuries of classical art, have paved the way into an adventurous playground, allowing Florinela to materialise concepts of our modern world, beautifully wrapped into a canvas of timeless oil colour interpretations. Although the paint brush is her main tool, a wide array of unconventional improvised utensils play part in creating the beautiful, intricate layered patterns found within her paintings. For her, almost anything and everything in sight can be a potential instrument of creation in both application and use. Amongst the devices used are:spatula, torn peaces of cloth, hands, fingers and fingernails, rhinestones,crystals and feathers, crafting or bricklayer's tools, wax candles, castor oil, mediums such as vermilion and damar varnish, and other interesting different emulsions found within the art isle of any major stores.Her artwork it s bond,taking risks and courageously she works with heavy impasto to emphasis the fabrics and folds; Taking inspiration from her environment, Florinela uses all available resources in order to incorporate volume, intricacies and transparencies within the textures into her artwork. Although Florinela prefers to work on big size canvas, as it allows for very fine detailed works, medium and small sized pieces allow for simplicity and concrete concepts to take quick shape. The most recurring subject in her paintings are women as she sees them: beautiful, powerful, explosive, sexual, elegant and vibrant. This is seconded by self portraits, which could be considered as a direct expression of her inner feelings more than the realism in her shape. This being the two major subjects covered by the artist, but not the only ones. As a brave, experimental woman, Florinela ventures into unknown waters often, taking on commissioned artwork which can challenge and excite her.


Born in Romania and daughter of a musician, Florinela had a simple “born free" childhood, in which she quickly discovered from a very early age that art is everywhere, and that it just needed to be discovered, explored and enjoyed. Inspired by her father, Florinela decided on an artistical path starting the age of 5 and kept true to that sentiment until the present day. She attended art school ,high school and university,graduating in FINE ARTS at the University of Arts Timișoara, Romania. Throughout her artistic training, Florinela picked up a wide range of skills and classical knowledge, as well as testing herself in the many facets of art, such as music, photography and fashion design. As young graduate, Florinela found herself faced with the harsh reality of post communism Romania, and decided to travel abroad in search for her self beying in art.So after a few struggling years, in 2003, right after graduating in her Degree of Fine Arts, she decided to migrate to Barcelona Spain. This marked the turning point in her entire art path as Barcelona provided Florinela with the growth she fundamentally required in order to make her way into the art world. During the 10 years she lived in Barcelona, Florinela flourished within the Barcelona art world. She organised many successful exhibition’s in which she incorporated an assortment of artistic expressions, and also created a stable foundation into the music and fashion world. Combining art exhibitions with live performances, body painting, street art,music and fashion performances, Florinela managed to neatly tie all her skills into a perfect artistic ensemble which was in harmony and gave a multi-sensational experience of her art. As recession hit Europe, and Spain, Florinela found herself once again faced with the decision of changing countries. After a gap year of travelling around the world, she decided to start afresh with the challenge of experiencing the UK Arts scene. She took inspiration from the bohemian London lifestyle she threw herself into, and after having her daughter, she became even more determined to show her Art, especially her new collection, a project and concept she has been working on since her arrival to UK in 2014. Becoming a mother, Florinela embraced her joy and desire to finally make her new work be shown, meet a range of oil on canvas paintings all varnished and ready for showrooms in a collection she calls “The Fashionista”. She considers this oil on canvas collection particularly exclusive.Part of her collection it's the new canvas she freshly incorporated this 2020 with her daughter s portrait on a large 150\100 cm canvas with the message of purity,beauty,innocence,simplicity and peace a child brings to the world.

A perfect day Elise captures the innocence, sweetness and beauty of a child spending a perfect day in her fairytale adventures; dressing up as a fairy with her sweet tutu pink skirt and the fairy wings. A perfect day for a child enjoining life. A symbol of purity and life, the ivory contour background as there is no need for more details than the child’s image itself.Using spatula as main tool accentuate the shape light and shade vibrations in contrast. Catching the essence transposing the canvas to modern times in contemporaneity, the painting brings us a message to the world, a simple message of peace, emphaty, love, kindness, humanity, innocence that we all humans find in every child.

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